MonsterPalooza 2018 Wrap-Up

April 16, 2018 1 Comment

MonsterPalooza 2018 Wrap-Up

The second I clocked out from work on Thursday,  I ran to my car.  To say I had the work-week from hell would be an understatement.  I was an inch away from just driving my car off a cliff.  As a returnee, I had been looking forward to this convention ever since I purchased my tickets. I couldn't wait to run home and get all my shit packed for the weekend.  With Monsterpalooza being less than 24 hours away, I had a rough time getting shut-eye.  It's like being told you're going to Disneyland.  But, come on--could you blame me? 


 This year, the Pasadena Convention Center got overwhelmed with Monsterpalooza attendees.  A returnee--like myself--takes notes on what works and what doesn't work--everything from the convention staff, customer service, the overall layout, cosplay, special fx, vendors and special guests. 

 Friday's schedule was from 6pm-11pm.  Folks who had purchased their admission whether it was a single day or the three-day were already lining up in the will-call line.  The Monsterpalooza staff was right on time with their dispensing of wristbands.  And to their credit--they had multiple staff members scanning tickets and dispensing wristbands.  Needless to say, they were on point with check-in. By being on time with checking in the attendees, the doors opened right at 6:00 pm.  As a returnee, I prefer coming on a Friday since folks are still trying to get off work.  You get a jump on meeting featured guests and there's much more room to walk around in the space without feeling as if you're in a can of sardines.  All in all, Friday was a huge success.  

Salina and Ryan

Forever Midnight.


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I wish I could say the same about Saturday.  The convention was scheduled to run from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.  After polishing off breakfast, I walked over to the convention center only to realize that the Will-Call line I had stood in the day before had wrapped itself around the building.  AROUND-THE-BUILDING.  And to make matters worse--they were making those who had purchased three-day admission stand in line with those who were only attending on Saturday...

Let me explain why I freaked out a little.  In previous years if you had purchased a three-day admission, you weren't made to stand in the will-call line with the rest of the single-day attendees.  You were allowed to walk right in as long as you flashed your wristband.  So, why in the world did Monsterpalooza staff lump in the three-day visitors with the single-day visitors?  That shit makes zero sense.  Many (like myself) who were annual attendees of Monsterpalooza were left confused and pissed off.  The Monsterpalooza and Convention Center staff were instructing the three-day attendees to stand in the Will-Call line.  Why wouldn't you just create a separate line for three-day attendees?  This would provide your guests with three lines--one line for single-day, one line for three-day and the final line being for the box-office.  I feel like this isn't rocket-science and Monsterpalooza definitely dropped the ball on this.  And sadly this system that I just suggested wasn't implemented till Sunday which was dead in comparison to Saturday.  UGHHHHH.


 After that insane debacle, my frustrations were put to rest when I walked inside.  I just wanted to get away from that horrible mess and enjoy my time.  One of my favorite thing's about this convention is all the special fx demonstrations.  And these are just some of the best special fx makeup I've seen all weekend!

I'm always on the look out for some incredible cosplay.  One year, someone dressed up as Annie Wilkes from Misery which was amazing.  And someone had a spot on cosplay of Melanie from Hitchcock's the Birds.  I rounded up a few of my favorites from this convention--
By attending this convention, I was given the opportunity of visiting some of my favorite vendors.  One of them is Miss Havisham's Curosities!  Melissa or 'the Gothic Martha Stewart' crafts some insult tea-cups that are a must-have.  I have far too many but I plan on collecting more!


Kindly fuck off!  I hope you choke!  We hate your baby! Don't you want all of those at your next tea party?  If you're interested in any of her tea-sets, you can purchase them here.


 Another highlight of Monsterpalooza was the Beetlejuice panel.  This panel celebrated the 30th anniversary of the 1988 hit Beetlejuice.  Can you believe it's been thirty years?  This film has been around as long as I have.  As a tribute to the classic, panelists Robert Short, Ve Neill, Steve Laporte and Doug Turner were a part of the Saturday presentations.  There was even a quick photo-op!  And I gotta tell you--Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz were on point!

 To celebrate 10 years of making monsters and creating movie magic, Monsterpalooza had a museum that was composed of different pieces from some of the most well-known horror films that we all know and love.  This was probably one of my favorite parts about this convention--mainly because I'm a huge nerd and I love movie magic.  I really enjoyed being able to snag a few of my favorite pieces that were on display. 



So the question is...

Was MonsterPalooza a hit or miss this month?


 The layout was definitely one of the positive parts to the Monsterpalooza experience.  They provided  more space for more vendors and definitely spread things out a bit in comparison to last year.  Also, I was extremely impressed with the queue at each table for the talent. Usually people forget to form a neat line, so I'm relieved that Monsterpalooza saw an area that needed drastic improvement.  

What were some of the downfalls?

Miscommunication and the lack of Training when it came to the Monsterpalooza staff.  For example--we asked where Danielle Harris was located and the staff member we had spoken to told us that he 'didn't know'.  First off--that's the worst answer you can ever give to someone in the customer service industry.  You know what your answer should be?  'I'm sorry, I don't know, let me find out for you.'    Secondly, her table was just four tables down.  I'm not kidding.  We literally pointed this out to the same staff member who said that he didn't know.  Again this just proves that the staff was not equipped with the knowledge they needed in regards to this event and that immediately shows a lack of organization and communication.

In the future, I believe that Monsterpalooza should have a morning huddle to discuss the new additions that day in regards to talent.  By the way--this is where Danielle Harris is going to be since this is her first day with us.  Provide your staff with a map of the space so they're prepared.  Give them the necessary tools--don't wait for some pissed off attendee (like myself) to point it out to you later.  I mean shit--add an additional tour of the space before the event begins. 


By failing to prepareyou are preparing to fail


Monsterpalooza continues to be one of my favorite events of the year.  In some areasthis convention was well executed but there's definitely room for improvement.

 All in all--I can't wait to attend Son of Monsterpalooza later this year.  I'm already having withdrawals.  I hope you were able to snag what you wanted at this convention from our booth or from any of the other fantastic vendors who were present.


So, you're probably wondering what's next.  Next month, Little Shop of Gore will be attending Ru-Paul's Drag Con!  They will be sharing a table with Crude Inc.  I will be attending both days.  And believe me--if you're a fan of Drag Race OR love Drag Queens as much as I do--this event is a must!  I shall be wandering around and hanging out at the booth.  If you'd like to purchase tickets--you can do so here.  This event is extremely popular and they will sell out!  So, if you're planning to buy your tickets--you better hop on that shit real quick.



Leftover items from the convention will be posted sometime this week!  Keep your eyes peeled!


Till next time,





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Salina Kyle
Salina Kyle

April 17, 2018

I had so much fun this weekend! I’m so sad that it’s over! It was so nice to catch up with all of our friends and see their work and tables set up. You guys work your butts off and I’m so proud of your accomplishments and how everyone has grown. It’s so inspiring as an artist to watch other artists grow. Thank you to everyone who who came by to chat with us, we appreciate your kind words and it’s so nice to meet you guys in person. Great post Meg! Thanks for sharing 🖤

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