Ru-Paul's Drag Con 2018 Wrap Up

May 14, 2018

Ru-Paul's Drag Con 2018 Wrap Up

This weekend was jam-packed.  I usually survive conventions by following my normal routine of getting up early, checking-in and waiting around and having numerous cups of coffee.  Ru-Paul's Drag Con did not disappoint with keeping me on my toes.

After getting my usual Starbucks and braving the traffic to Los Angeles, I arrived a little after 8:45 am on Saturday.  Excited about another year at Ru-Paul's Drag Con, I received my press badges and waited anxiously for the doors to open.  This was to be my second year at Drag Con and I couldn't wait to comb through the convention!  Thankful to have arrived early--all I had to do was wait until the staff members opened the doors to the main hall.   

Before the start of the event, Ru-Paul rolls up in his golf cart at the start of the pink runway.  Is there any other way to kick off Drag Con?  I think watching Ru-Paul drive a golf cart that morning was everything.  He takes a moment to make a brief speech which really resonated with me and my creative spirit...

 "This is amazing, I'm so happy and excited for not only my queens who are real warriors and so courageous, but for all the young people who today will get to witness what it really means to be the conductor, the architect of your own path.  All the ladies here represent, the american spirit of not only being an entrepreneur aka a prostitute--but also following your dream no matter what anyone else has to say about it.  Amen.  So, on behalf of all my girls, I want to welcome you all to Drag Con LA 2018! Let the games begin!"

After snipping the ribbon with a pair of shiny golden scissors, Ru Paul takes off in his golf cart as the crowd rushes off to every corner of the convention hall.  Compared to last year, there seems to be more space to move about the convention hall.  This is definitely necessary so there isn't any congested areas.  There's nothing more frustrating than feeling like you're in a sardine can. Immediately following his speech, a large crowd begins to gather near the sides of the pink runway in preparation for all the past queens.  This is probably one of the best parts about the entire event!

Cruising down the pink runway is Trixxie Mattel, winner of Drag Race All Stars Season 3.  Look at that wig!  Equipped with her royal scepter in hand, she waves to all the fans while seated in the comfort of her pink Barbie jeep.  If I had the option of making my entrance in a Barbie jeep--I'd take it!  Wouldn't you?  What a way to make an entrance!

 If you've been watching Ru Paul's Drag Race, you'll know this next queen almost immediately.  Regardless of what people say about her, she is one of my favorites.  Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, crowned queen of Ru-Paul's Drag Race All Stars Season 2 hits the runway with a beautiful gown accompanied by her noble steeds.  That ain't a wig--that's her hair.

 I mean--who could forget her amazing performance as Mae West in Drag Race?  I was crying laughing...

 I've always wanted to walk around the 'werk' room.  And Drag Con made those dreams a reality!  Some would assume that this legendary Werk Room was a replica but nope!  This Werk Room is the set.  The set is equipped with Ru-Paul's legendary staircase, werk tables used by past and present queens, beauty stations with perfect lighting and the epic werk entryway...

 The legendary staircase in all its glory!

The lighting from these mirrors is incredible.

I really wanted to lay on this couch and take a fat nap because it looked comfy as hell...

And last but not least--the entryway of ALLLLL entryways.  You better werk!

I think one of the most exciting things about Drag Con is seeing special appearances from Drag Queens.  On the Runway, I got to see an exclusive  performance from one of the queens from Drag Race Thailand!  Pangina Heals from Thailand did an amazing performance of Lady Gaga's Telephone.  Look at this queen slay!

 Any time a queen does the splits--I die.

 All in all-- Ru Paul's Drag Con was a success.  There were ongoing events made to entertain guests.  I think something I would like to see implemented a lot more are the Lip Sync Battles.  They are very entertaining and each performance adds this undeniable electricity to the crowd.  I don't think anyone would disagree with me on that one!  The only negative comment I have to make about Drag Con this year was the set up for VIP and Press.  Although the event staff separated General Admission and VIP quite successfully, there was still a mess with the line which left a lot of people feeling confused--including myself.  Merging VIP with the Press and Media line caused quite the confusion.  I believe that Press and Media should have their own line.  I'm not afraid to say it!  How are we supposed to get an amazing shot of the ribbon cutting if we're meshed in with VIP?  I'm throwing some serious shade right now...

With over 40,000 people in attendance, this marks another successful year at Ru-Paul's Drag Con!  This event is becoming probably one of the most popular events of the year.  I can't wait to see what they do next year!

A big shout out to Crude Inc. for sharing a table with us all weekend!  Ya'll are the bees knees.  Be sure to check them out (here) they're pretty rad...


 Here's some exciting shop news--the Nightmare Duck will be up for preorder this Wednesday, May 16th at 12pm PST!  This quack-tastic gem is a perfect addition for anyone who is obsessed with the Nightmare Before Christmas! 

The set (the duck and the base) will be $100, if you want just the duck (without the base) it will be going for $75. 

Set those alarms!


Until next time squirrel friends!







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