We're Coming to Ru-Paul's Drag Con--May 11-13th!

May 04, 2018 1 Comment

We're Coming to Ru-Paul's Drag Con--May 11-13th!

One thing you have to know about me is this--I love Drag Queens.  I don't know if it's just their ability to keep it real at all times OR the fact that I'm just blinded by their fierce highlight--I am a fan.  I'm a frequent viewer of Ru Paul's Drag Race.  I believe that the only way to settle an argument is by lip syncing for your life.  And I've always thought that Drag Queen Brunch was practically church. Bacon, coffee and bottomless mimosas with wig-snatching performances are a must on Sunday mornings.

I attended Ru-Paul's Drag Con for the first time last year.  Starting off on my personal blogging venture, I was ecstatic.  It was my very first event as a blogger with press and media access.  This was a big deal!  With my camera in my hand, I explored the hall which was decorated with all sorts of vendors!  Wigs, Makeup,  Realizing that Ru-Paul was signing and taking photographs in a special area, I practically did a combination of runalking--running/walking.  

When I rounded the small corner to the private room that Ru-Paul was in, I was FLOORED.  The entire room had fantastic lighting for photos and Ru-Paul was sitting behind this long white desk.  Did I die and go to Glamazon Heaven?  Being nervous in that moment was an understatement to say the least.  The back of my knees were sweating, my chest got really tight and I may have forgotten where I was.  Now, I can't accept a compliment to save my life.  If you compliment me--I'll just shrivel up like a prune.  So, when Ru-Paul complimented my makeup--I was fucking DONE. DONE.

This year I'll be attending on Saturday and Sunday!  I'll be roaming around meeting and greeting Drag Queens, snapping photos and videos, attending panels and hanging out at the Crude Inc/Little Shop of Gore table.

I'm excited to roam through some of the vendors that will be at Ru Paul's Drag Con.  Here are just a few of my favorites that I'm excited to see.

Abandon Ship--I absolutely love this little shop.  They sell apparel, mugs and pins.  Their artwork and messaging speaks to me another level, for example; this ghost boner pin makes me giggle.  If you want to check them out ahead of time--you can do so, here.


 Bat in your Belfry--I adore Michelle's artwork.  I truly believe she has a natural talent of conveying frightfully beautiful macabre art.  For example, The Plague Tree is one of my favorites and I'll probably buy it.  Be sure to check her out, here.

 Ritual Print Co--I'm always on the lookout for some unique apparel and Ritual Print Co. is making me crave this sweater.  I need it.  Dead Men Don't Cat Call--accurate.  (Their site is down due to preparation for Drag Con, but you can check out their instagram here.)

If you're planning to attend the convention, I've assembled some helpful tips and tricks to help you have a successful weekend!  

1.) Buy your tickets online. (Here.)  I'm sorry--but this shit is rule number one--ALWAYS.  Whether it's Drag Con or any other kind of event that I attend--I get my shit in advance.  I'm not one to wait until the last minute.  And believe me, this event WILL sell out.  Also the VIP tickets have already flown off the shelves and that's the most expensive package available which includes all three-days. Just sayin'!

2.) Bring a camera.  I know this is a strange tip--but it's probably one of the most useful tips I can provide.  My phone was so packed with pictures from the day I went that I ran out of storage.  If you have a camera, bring it! 

3.)  Ask first.  This falls under rule number two but it kinda needs its' own little bullet point.  If you plan on bringing a camera (or if you're using your phone) and you find a Queen that you really want to photograph--ask first.  They may be rushing to get to a panel or they may not want their picture taken--never assume.

4.) Check out the panels.  This is something you definitely don't want to miss out on.  Last year, I attended the Lip Sync Panel--and it was everything.  The LA Convention Center can be a little overwhelming.  I've found that having a map that covers the convention space is incredibly handy since the panels are spread out.  

I'm really excited about this year's panels.  Here are just a few that I'll be attending that weekend just in case you wanna sit next to me or somethin'...


Dungeons, Dragons and Drag Queens: A party of gaming queens set out on a comedy quest beyond your wildest fantasies! It’s slay or be slayed in an original D&D adventure, played before a live audience. If you’re into role-play, henny, roll the dice and join us for the show that serves death drops and death saves.

Location: LVL 2, Nerve Room

Time: 10:00 am

Billy Wants You to Glam Up the Midterms: Billy Eichner, Alaska and Peppermint join forces to present WHO W(H)ORE IT BEST? The audience will vote as they compare the fashions of the Trump Administration vs. Drag Queens. Next to the upcoming midterm elections, this is the most important event of the year! So don’t f%ck it up! Because voting is whaaaaat?!? FUNDAMENTAL!

Location: LVL 1 Uniqueness Room

Time: 11:30 am

Hair-Raising Heathens: Goth and Gore Queens: She’s bloody gore-geous! These queens will scare you right out of your heels. Join Queens and their goth guests as they embrace the dark side of Drag, discussing the inspiration and art of being a horror queen.

Location: LVL 1, Charisma Room

Time: 4:00 pm


Everybody Tweet Love: Ending Online Hate: Trolls beware - we’re coming for you! Join us for real talk about ending online hate speech. Turns out, haters don’t gotta hate after all.

Location: LVL 1: Uniqueness Room

Time: 11:30 am

5.) Review the Floor Map.  Another important thing to review is the Floor Map.  Where's the ATM?  Where's the bathroom?  Where's the concession stand? And more importantly--where the fuck do I charge my phone?  This little floor map is your knight in shining armor.  You can also download the Convention and the Floor map (here).

6.) Check the signing schedule.  Are you excited to meet a particular Drag Queen?  Do you want her autograph?  Well--be sure to check the signing schedule (here).  They only have the booth numbers listed for now.  Be sure to check back as we closer to Drag Con so you can see a more updated schedule with times. 

7.) Bring cash.  This another rule I'm trying to enforce whenever I go to a convention.  Everyone is on their phones--so processing credit cards takes time.  Be sure to bring cash--you'll thank me later.  Parking will be available at the LA Convention Center.  It's $20 to park your car (first come first serve, so get there early)--be sure to bring cash so you're not that one asshole who holds up the entire line of cars...

8.) Bring your phone's charging cable.  One of the many positives about this convention is that there is a HUGE charging station.  If your phone is drained OR if you forgot to bring your external battery, you can charge your phone at the Jeffrey Star Charging Station.  

So, what are you waiting for? 
Buy your tickets so I can see your beautiful face!


If you made it through this entire post--I've got a little treat for ya.

  The Babadook Mask is up for pre-order!  For $45 you can be a Babadook!  A limited amount of the Mister Babadook Book Box (here) and Mask are available (here. ) We will also have a limited amount at our booth during Drag Con!



These masks will sell out, so if you're a fan of the good ol' Babadook, be sure to preorder it!


Be sure to stop by our booth and say hello!

We will be sharing a table with our pals from Crude Inc! 

See you there!





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Salina Kyle
Salina Kyle

May 04, 2018

Great post! I absolutely LOVE that you include tips and tricks on getting the most out of the convention experience. I look forward to our first Dragcon experience!

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