(LAST ONE) Harry The Hunter - Full Size Bust

Little Shop Of Gore

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Sculpting & painting by @salina.kyle Mold & casting by @ryankeithward

Only 6 made

This bust features a hand painted head made of a durable, semi-rigid urethane rubber to enhance the look and feel of Harry's leather like skin. The eyes are detailed with vein-work and sealed with a high gloss. The head can be re-positioned and completely removable from the body for ease of displaying it as you please. The soft foam body is dressed with a Safari shirt and bandana (non-removable.) and glued to a stained wooden plaque base. The body includes a metal post for the head to rest on. The bottoms of the plaques are signed and numbered by the artist, and each bust includes the iconic paper ticket from the waiting room.

Bust Size: 24x14x11" 5lbs (Roughly the size of a small child)

*Paint & details will vary with each bust as these are hand painted.