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Slime Time License Plate Frame

Little Shop Of Gore

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PLEASE NOTE: Do not overtighten the screws into the plate, this can cause them to crack and fracture.


It’s Slime Time! Our Slime Time license plates are made from a semi-rigid resin, to be durable and long lasting. Each one is handcasted by us, these are not mass produced pieces. The green frames are also Glow in the Dark.

Choose from the drop-down menu which color/single or 2-pack


These are sized to a standard US license plate. The frame measures approx. 12.5” wide x 7.5” tall x .5” thick

While we cannot guarantee the lifespan on these (especially in extreme weather), these should last quite a while if taken care of. Make sure not to over-tighten when putting on your vehicle. This can cause the frame to crack which will significantly affect its lifespan. 


These are made to order so they may take up to 2 weeks before shipping.


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