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Brand Ambassadors

If you are interested in contributing to our brand’s aesthetic and becoming a Little Shop of Gore Brand Ambassador, keep reading!
We want to reward a select few who are highly passionate about our brand with opportunities to collaborate & receive free LSOG merch!
✨The Perks✨ Ambassadors will receive: 
-Bimonthly merchandise to showcase on your social media. 
-An exclusive Ambassador discount on all of your LSOG purchases. 
-An exclusive discount code to share with your friends & followers.
-Your merch photos showcased on our social media. 
-Collaboration & cross promotion opportunities.
✨Requirements✨ To be an Ambassador:
-You must have a public social media account (Private accounts are not applicable) 
-You must be active on social media and post often. 
-Be passionate about our brand and regularly interact with our account (Like, comment & share our content) 
-Be willing to showcase your Ambassador gifts as well as your LSOG purchases on your social media platforms. (Good, clear photos/videos are a must. 
-Post in a timely manner. We ask that you post within one week of receiving your items to remain in the BA program.  
✨Apply✨ How to apply:
Email the following to with the subject: 
Brand Ambassador
-First/last name
-Preferred pronouns
 -Your social media handles &/or blog links
-shoe, tee & pants size
-List some of your favorite films & tv shows
-List some of your favorite LSOG products (so we know what kind of stuff to send you) 
If you are selected to participate in this program, we will be in touch within 1-2 weeks. If you do not hear back from us, we may be at capacity. We will then reach out if an opportunity becomes available for you.
-You will be receiving two exclusive discount codes; one for you and one for your friends and followers. The Ambassador discount code is exclusively for Ambassadors. Do not give out this code.
-If you are selected to participate in this program, we trust that you will abide by the requirements listed above. Failure to comply may result in immediate removal from this program.