The Overlook Self-Care Kit

Little Shop Of Gore

Enjoy your home! This luxurious set is the perfect counterpart to that bath you've been day dreaming about. Immerse yourself in The Overlook Hotel experience, this set includes the following:

-16x28" Embroidered burgundy towel. 100% Ring Spun Cotton Hand towel. Bleach resistant & double hemmed.

- 5.5 oz Cold Pressed Soap Bar. Handmade & scented exclusively for Little Shop of Gore by Hellflower Soap Co. Scent: Amber, bay, cedar, musk, sandalwood & tobacco. This bar is truly intoxicating. The combined scents fill the air with delight. If ever there was a way to describe The Overlook Hotel through scent, this soap would be it. This bar can be used on both hands & body. 

-Engraved Bamboo comb. Made from 100% environmentally-friendly bamboo material, this comb is lightweight and durable. Due to the nature of the bamboo – the grain & color will vary between products, making each and every comb truly unique.

-VHS Matchbox. Stop inhaling that toxic bathroom spray! Keep this box in your bathroom and light one up after you do your business!

-Stickers Designed by Salina Kyle

 *Ships in 1-2 weeks