About Us

We are Ryan Ward and Salina Kyle, owners of Little Shop of Gore!
We specialize in Makeup FX.
Our FX website can be found here
As you browse through this site, you'll find our artwork
for sale along with some products & apparel we've designed.
Our little shop is run out of Los Angeles California.
You can find our shop at our pop-up, Terror Market (IG: @terror_market )
as well as events like: Monsterpalooza (And Son of)


More About Us: 

-Salina Kyle/Co-Owner-


Salina is a self-taught artist with a love for pop-culture and all things strange and unusual. She designs most of our artwork and prototypes our handmade products. Her art reflects influences from the works of Tim Burton and her favorite horror movies such as TCM 2, Prom Night and Carrie.

-Ryan Keith Ward/Co-Owner-
Ryan is life-long horror fan and professional makeup fx artist in Los Angeles. He's worked on shows such as American Horror Story, Santa Clarita Diet, Westworld and more!  Some of his favorite horror movies include Fright Night, Little Shop of Horrors, Return of The Living Dead and House.


FX by Little Shop of Gore

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